I have visited Mokkin san work shop in Fuji city Shizuoka prefecture. Mokkin was retired 2 years ago, and same time he moved from Yokohama to Fuji city and built his house and work shop. The land space is 6,500 square feet and the building is 2,200 square feet. He has a large parking and garden.

Measurement of wind speed
Auto blast gate
Work shop is inside of the house

Mokkin said the measurement of wind speed is important. If there is not enough airflow it is difficult to collect micro dust which is dangerous for human health. Power tool manufacturers announce the necessary airflow figure. Mokkin uses thermal type flow meter as below picture. After making small hole on the duct put the censer of airflow meter to the hole and measure. The measurement result when I visited is 15.8m/sec. Because of 150mm duct airflow is calculated by   15.8m/s x 0.075 x 0.075 x 3.1416x60=16.7m. It is about 600CFM.

Visited Apr. 25th 2010

Perfect dust collection system

Milling machine and metal lathe(below)

This is suction mouse on the floor.

Below picture is the switch board in the work shop. The wire from GFCI he put current detector coil. If he switch on each power tools in the work shop, the coil detect current and dust collector will run. The small rely can’t be used for 2.5HP dust collector. He uses large magnetic contactor. Delay timer is also used and after switch off power tool still run for few second not to leave the chips. The radio remote is also used to switch on-off the dust collector by manual.

Mokkin's Work shop for both wood and metal work
This is his garden. Wood deck is made by himself.

At first I have to talk his perfect dust collection system. Why he accommodate work shop inside of his house. Because his house is located in uptown. In this kind of residential area he has to consider the noise problem from electronic machine. It is easy for him to reduce the noise if the work shop is inside of his house. So it is important to have a perfect dust collection system.

He bought 2.5HP cyclone dust collector from Penn State Industries in USA. If the power tools switch on and then dust collector will start to run.

Switch on the power tool, the blast gate of the tool will open automatically. Because the cyclone dust collector will synchronize the each power tool, as far as dust collection concern only switch on,,, That is all. The blast gate of each power tools are different type. It is fan for him to make different type blast gate. All power tools have their own blast gate produced by Mokkin. Please see the motion picture of three types of them.

This is old shop made cyclone. It is now vacuum cleaner.

This is Jet wood lathe.

This is 120mm flexible pipe connect to 150mm Y connector and 100mm dust port. Rotate the flexible pipe the diameter will change. If the diameter will gradually change, the exhaust stream will be better. This product is distributed by KS hose in Japan.


10” Rexon band saw is quite noisy. So he reinforced the band saw by L shape steel. Now the blade is for metal cutting.

This is a spiral cutting jig by using router. All hand made by Mokkin.。↓

Ruter table↑                            

His work shop is inside of his house. I opened entrance door at centre of the house there is a corridor. The right hand side is work shop and left is living room. Work shop is about 270 square feet and living room is 330squre feet.

The ductwork is 150mm straight pipe. He made an effort not to bend the pipe as straight as possible. 90degree bent pipe will disturb exhaust stream and accordingly the suction will drop. Exhaust pipe of cyclone goes to the loft and the filter is there.